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Early beginnings in Nigeria:
Between 1920 and 1960, through partnerships with mission agencies/ churches existing in Nigeria, TLMI provided financial and technical assistance to leprosy centres in Alushi (Nassarawa state), Numan and Garkida (Adamawa state), Ochadamu (Kogi state), Uzuakoli (Abia state) and Ekpene Obom (Akwa Ibom state) to help restore human dignity and improve quality of life for persons affected by leprosy. TLM continues to be involved in some of the centres above to date.

Invitation from Federal Government of Nigeria:
By the 1940s and 50s Nigeria was ahead of many countries in its leprosy control activities and was involved in pioneering the use of dapsone as a new drug for leprosy care. The program faced a major setback in the 1960s and 70s due to the impact of the Nigerian civil war.

However, in 1988 confronted by the increasing prevalence of tuberculosis and leprosy, the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) launched the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control Program (NTBLCP) and invited four organizations including TLMI to assist Nigeria in the fight against tuberculosis and leprosy.

Employees of TLM Nigeria:
TLMN presently employs thirty-three (33) Staff Members to work alond side personnel employed by State governments and other partners in programmes where TLMN serves. TLMN Staff includes four (4) Senior Management team, four (4) Medical Advisors, two (2) M&E Programme Officers, Finance Officers, and Administrative Staff.



We strive to be like Jesus...
*  motivated by the Gospel and compassionate.

*  valuing each person, their families and communities
*  working at every level of need.

*  in our attitude, action and management;
* and appropriate in our practice

*  working for authentic participation promoting dignity.

To join TLM Nigeria as a
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TLMN fights the battle against leprosy on many fronts:

Map of Nigeria showing TLM assisted States and FCT

Akwa Ibom State

Identifying hidden cases that are yet unreported as leprosy:
This requires public education so people will recognize early signs, know there is a cure and overcome superstition.

Getting treatment to patients:
Treating the complications of leprosy such as serious ulcers or reactions, by providing surgery, physiotherapy or footwear and artificial limbs. We also teach individuals and families how to prevent disability through self-care.

Providing hospital care and preventing deformities:
Working with governments to train medical teams to deliver medicines for the treatment of leprosy to remote areas.

Seeking to be a channel of Christ's love in all we do:
Restoring people in body, mind and spirit.

Helping individuals develop resources to recover from social and economic assaults of leprosy:
We invest in children's education, income-generation and vocational training helping people to lead as full a life as possible after leprosy.
Rebuilding affected communities:
Working with partners to break the bonds of poverty by providing clean drinking water, electricity, housing and schools to ensure individuals have access to basic necessities in their community.
Seeking answers to today's dilemmas to provide better care tomorrow, especially in the areas of disability prevention.

Abuja Office: House No. C83/C84, Fort Royal Homes Estate, Lugbe, FCT - Abuja.    Minna Office: 1 Ladi Kwali Road, Off Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar Road, P.M.B. 179, Minna, Niger State.
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