DEPARTMENT:         Programmes (Niger State)


RESPONSIBLE TO:   The Head of Programmes and Operations




The Physiotherapist is responsible for the effective delivery of physiotherapy services to Leprosy Referrer Hospital and Orthopaedic ward clients. The Physiotherapist will assess clients and plan and carry out individually designed treatment programs to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in clients.



·        To be responsible for the expert and effective management of disabilities and mobility aids for persons affected by leprosy and persons with other disabilities in the Chanchaga leprosy referrer hospital and orthopaedic ward in Minna Niger state. 

·        To provide technical advice and assistance to the state leprosy control officer and hospital based medical staff in all areas of disability control, develop (train, supervise, motivate etc) the knowledge and skill of leprosy control and hospital workers in the implementation of disability control service, and initiate new methods and strategies of disability prevention relevant to the patient situation in Niger State.



2.         DUTIES

·       Ensure that all disability prevention, disability care and disability rehabilitation activities are done regularly and accurately in the hospital and field clinics according to TLM and NTBLCP guidelines

·       Handle all complex physiotherapy and POD procedures in the hospital.

·       Routinely monitor the progress of the hospital and the state POD plan using indicators approved by TLM and NTBLCP

·       Provide on the job training and supervision for the hospital staff in all aspects of disability prevention, care and rehabilitation.

·       Plan and organize the logistics and supplies for disability control work in the hospital and the field clinics.

·       Embark on regular supervisory visits jointly with the state leprosy control offices to the field clinics and patients homes to monitor and evaluate the implementation of disability control services.

·       Support the TLM Orthopedic appliance maker to design and develop the protective and mobility aids, including footwear, prosthesis, and splints for disabled leprosy patients.

·       Provide comprehensive assessment and treatment of clients in the leprosy referral hospital and orthopedic ward who require physiotherapist services.

·       Other duties as required.



·       Attend and participate in conferences and staff meetings as required and,

·       Provide in-service education programs to Leprosy Referrer Hospital and Orthopedic ward staff as required.




·       Comply with the Medical Rehabilitation Therapists (Registration) Board of Nigeria (MRTB) act, its regulations and all The Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy (NSP) health and safety policies and procedures

·        Use or wear any protective equipment, device or clothing required by your supervisor/manager

·        Report to your supervisor/manager any known missing or defective protective equipment or protective device that may be dangerous

·        Report any known workplace hazard to your supervisor/manager

·       Report any known violation of the MRTB or regulations to your supervisor/manager

·       Not use or operate any equipment (includes motor vehicle if required for work) or work in a way that may endanger yourself or any other worker.

·        Not engage in any prank, contest, feat of strength, unnecessary running or rough and boisterous conduct



Job Description




DEPARTMENT:         National Coordination Office (NCO)


RESPONSIBLE TO:     The National Director, TLM Nigeria



To provide support to the National Director in the administrative, logistics and personnel functions of TLM-Nigeria.


PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES:                           

·        Support the National Director in the management and administrative functions of NCO and States Projects.

·        Support the National Director in the logistics of NCO and States Projects in areas of Events, Supplies, Inventory and Maintenance.

·        Support the National Director in the Personnel management of NCO and States Projects.


MAIN TASKS:           




1.      Support the National Director in the day-to-day operations in National Coordination Office (NCO) by ensuring that all inputs such as communications and equipment are at their optimum performance.

2.      Support the National Director in the organization of meetings such as Project leaders meeting, Staff Conferences, International meetings, etc.

3.      Manage the daily, weekly and monthly appointment schedule of the National Director.

4.      Manage the National Director’s local and international travels and proactively coordinate the pre-planning with internal functions involved.

5.      Supervise and oversees the security aspect of National Coordination Office.

6.      Take minutes of meetings and ensure distribution of meeting to appropriate quarters.

7.      Manage TLMN official e-mail by screening and prioritizing electronic mail, communications call from internal and external sources.

8.      Schedule meetings and coordinate appointment requests in line with the National Director’s instructions.

9.      Daily supervision of junior staff to ensure compliance and optimum performance of duties.

10.   Provision and general maintenance of office equipment, tools and timely repair of faulty equipment.



11.   Maintain stock and order general office; i.e. limited supply of refreshments, stationery and cleaning supplies.

12.   Participate in systems review of TLMN projects and NCO as directed.

13.   Assist in the procurement of Capital Items, drugs, literature and any other resources or materials sourced locally or internationally for NCO or field use.

14.   Assist in the distribution of Capital Items, drugs, literature and any other resources or materials sourced locally or internationally for NCO or field use.

15.   Support the National Director in the maintenance of TLM properties in the office and field.

16.   Organize travel itinerary include hotel accommodation and other logistics for visiting guests within the country and international guests.

17.   Monitor NCO Vehicle movements, logging and functioning to ensure periodic servicing when required.



18.   Support the national Director in dealing with all aspects of matters concerning personnel including:


  1. Assist staff in facilitating visas for travel and arranging invitation letters for international visitors.

20.   Prepare letter of appointments, update/renewal of contract and job descriptions for staff.

21.   Processing requests for leave by staff.

22.   Assists as required in staff recruitment process in areas of advertisement for job openings, inviting candidates for interview, and induction of selected candidates.

23.   Send out Appraisal form and collate for National Director’s attention at the end of each year.

24.   Constant update of staff files and efficient filing system of official documents for easy retrieval and referencing.

25.   Perform other duties as required.









RESPONSIBLE TO: Head of Programs and Operations (HPO)




RELATIONSHIPS: He/She will report to the HPO; and work in close cooperation with National Co-ordination Office to implement rehabilitation activities in FCT.



Coordinating and facilitating the planning and implementation of rehabilitation of persons/communities affected by leprosy & other disabling conditions in the state; providing advice, guidance and support to National Co-ordination Office and field supervisors as required for sustainable development of the rehabilitation projects.



1.    Facilitate planning and implementation of socio-economic rehabilitation of persons and development of communities affected by leprosy and other disabling conditions.

2.    Advice and support field staff and committees responsible for rehabilitation.



1.    Facilitate planning & implementation of socio-economic rehabilitation of person’s and communities affected by leprosy and other disabling conditions.

1.1      Maintain close communication with the Head of programs and Operations, rehabilitation committees and staff to obtain and share information about urgent rehabilitation needs in FCT.


1.2      Together with rehabilitation staff and committees, oversee the process of planning and implementation of rehabilitation activities.


1.3      Participate in periodic meetings of rehabilitation or community development committees for planning, implementation and evaluation of rehabilitation projects.


1.4      Assist/advise the rehabilitation staff/committees in preparing project proposals including budgets for rehabilitation as part of the planning process above in cooperation with National Coordination Office.


1.5      Together with rehabilitation staff or committees, interview, counsel/listen to persons/their families & communities affected by leprosy to select appropriate interventions for persons and groups interviewed.


1.6      Where possible, to foster the development of organisations of persons affected by leprosy (for self-help; co-operative groups).


1.7      Establish contacts and networks with rehabilitation workers in TLM projects and other organisations (government and non-government) in the field of rehabilitation.




2.    Advice, guide and support field staff and committees responsible for rehabilitation.

2.1      Keep himself/herself up to date with TLM vision, strategies and policies (technical, personnel & financial) as well as the NTBLCP, WHO and recommendations on rehabilitation services and liaise closely with the Head of Programs and Operations for their implementation.


2.2      Train field staff (in FCT) who have responsibility for rehabilitation in listening/ interviewing skills to enhance their performance on the job.


2.3      Support TB/leprosy control officers and field staff in writing and submission of half-yearly and annual (narrative +financial) reports on rehabilitation as requested by NCO.


2.4      Organize periodic working visits (as agreed with committees’/ rehabilitation staff) for supportive supervision; on-the-job training of staff and appraisal of projects using appropriate tools/ strategies and advise on necessary corrective/ development measures to improve productivity/ efficiency, and effectiveness of projects.


2.5      In liaison with Technical Advisers for TLM-Nigeria, explore the possibility for capacity building /development for field staff in rehabilitation.


2.6      Where necessary, plan and carryout (in cooperation with other STATE SPO’s and Technical Advisers for TLM-Nigeria) local training or refresher courses for field staff in FCT.


2.7      Undertake other responsibilities, which may be assigned by the Head of Programs and Operations




Job Description




LOCATION:                   National Coordination Office (NCO) Abuja


RESPONSIBLE TO:       Head of Finance and Admin    




·        Working with and assisting the Head of Finance and Admin in all financial responsibilities.





1.      Assist in entering records of income and expenses made each day into office cash book, using a system approved by TLMN



2.      Assist in making payment of cash and cheques, funds to staff/clients as already approved and signed by the Finance Manager.

3.      Assist to ensure a safe keeping of office cash-box and cash imprest, cheque books and accounts documents.

4.      Assist to file receipts and requisition documents of the NCO accounts.



5.      Assist in preparing cheques and effect withdrawals of cash from bank as directed

6.      Assist in depositing all cash and cheques income and expenditures in the NCO bank account as directed.

7.      Assist in applying the necessary document as necessary for banking procedures i.e. Deposit slip, cheques books etc

8.      Assist in Collecting cash from bank for NCO cash box impress as approved in written requisition.



9.      Assist in to carry out reconciliation of the cash book and bank balances monthly,

10.   Assist in to prepare bank reconciliation report monthly.



11.   Participate in the preparing monthly reports of income, expenditure and balance of office account.

12.   Other duties assigned.


PERSON SPECIFICATION                                                                                                                    




Qualifications and experience


-         HND/BSc Accountancy, Business Administration or related courses.

-         1 year work experience










-         Ability to manage and ensure          proper accountability of funds.

-         Computer skill.

-         Ability to write financial reports.

-         Knowledge in other Languages.



-         Use of Quickbooks












-         Committed Christian with good testimonies.

-         Honest and dedicated

-         Demonstrates the ability to use own initiatives.

-         Ability to manage subordinates in office

-         Perfect finisher.

-         Problem solver.

-         Ability to endure.

-         Ability to handle and solve difficult Problems.

-         Ability to excel in career and life in general.




-         Willing to work extra hours.

-         Willing to travel with the role

-         Ability to sacrifice time, energy and knowledge even in unfavourable circumstances.